Is the Google Sandbox Over

Feb 3, 2005 • 11:50 am | comments (9) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

I think, not 100%, since there are no forum threads speculating, but....

I believe, the Google sandbox is done with! - Maybe :)

Why do I say so. Well, about a handful of sites I launched within the year, all sandboxed for [company name] are now all ranking #1 for [company name].

The thread coverage is about new changes at Google, but I think this is directly related to the sandbox.

I hope to have more "proof" for you, with client permission, as soon as possible.

Let me know if you have sites that seem to have dug out of the box.

Update: forum threads linked to in this entry mention the sandbox.

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02/03/2005 05:01 pm

I'm not seeing it Rusty - still number 554 for the term I'm #1 @ Yahoo!, MSN, all of the Allins, Teoma, the -asdf search, etc. Thrilled to hear that someone escaped though - it's the first evidence I've heard of an SEO website breaking out.

Barry Schwartz

02/03/2005 05:05 pm

I hear that not all sites are out. But an overwhelming number of people are reporting that their sites are out of the sandbox over the past 30 hours. This does seem to be major.


02/03/2005 05:12 pm

I'll just have to hope & pray. I was about to spend a large chunk of our ad budget on additional link buys (many thousands). So I'm sure there's people on the ad side who are hoping I never get to the top @ Google :) BTW The tool at is similiar to McDar but it will only return a result if your actual URL is found, McDar always gives someone else's URL that happens to mention mine (and since many of the top 50-100 results are links to me...)

Aaron Rubin

02/03/2005 05:40 pm

Seeing a bit of the same. For a 6 month old URL, I went from 590 on the primary search term to 25 (depending on the data center) in the last week.

Barry Schwartz

02/03/2005 05:43 pm

Ok thanks! Ill have to bookmark that url. This is just not 100% the case. Many are reporting that the sandbox is over, and many say it is not. Oh well...


02/05/2005 04:52 am

I'm not seeing it either. My site that launched in and was first indexed in Octorber is still in the sandbox. Interesting to note that the the new MSN has at a decent rank for some of my keywords.

Jon Payne

02/05/2005 02:09 pm

I also do not see this for my sites. I have a client who is having trouble ranking for his own name and there's very little competition for that and we're really well optimized and have great links, but we're not quite 4 months into it. I never had first hand experience with the sandbox before this client but now I'm a believer...


02/06/2005 05:54 pm

I was waiting to see any changes before posting here and WOW - three brand new sites I've been helping to (that were in deep-deep sandbox) just poped up as #2 on a couple of their main keyphrases and rank on first three pages for all other related keyphrases - that's is so cool - great feeling :)


11/15/2006 05:37 pm

sandbox is ok if you can wait for long time. 2-3 weeks isn't a problem.

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