New Gmail Invite Location & 50 Invites to Give Away

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I get a email notification that I have gmail, I login in the morning and its a reader telling me about a new layout in gmail's interface. Basically, they moved the gmail invite box to the bottom left corner, and made it quicker to send out invites. Here is an image of the new layout.

Why did they make it quicker?

Well, I also noticed that I have 50, yes FIVE ZERO, gmail invites to give away.

So if you want, I know 99% of you already have, a gmail invite, please leave a comment with your: - First Name - Last Name - Current Email Address

Even if you have one, get your kids, friends, and coworkers gmail addresses!

I sound like an ad, don't I?

Update: I have given everyone who has requested an invite an invite and will continue to do so.

Update Free Gmail: Google no longer requires invites, go to here to learn more.

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kobi nahon

06/30/2006 09:58 am

hello berry my name is kobi and im from ISRAEL my biggest wish is a gmail account. please responed to my recuqest. thank you from JERUSALEM !


07/05/2006 05:05 pm

I would really, really love one. Thanks in advance for your generosity.


07/05/2006 05:07 pm

Sorry, here's my address.

Scott Ryan

07/10/2006 08:48 am

Can you please send me a GMail Invite. Thanks for your generosity. Scott


07/10/2006 09:48 am

require new gmail id invitation


08/19/2006 08:58 am

i need a gmailaccount


08/19/2006 09:05 am

i require a gmail account


08/19/2006 08:57 pm

Nestor Trinidad email: can you please send me an invite to get a gmail account, its for school, cus we have to get a account and i want all my mail to go there in gmail.


08/20/2006 06:13 am

I need gmail account badly please send me an invitation if you can? Regards, Willy


08/26/2006 09:29 am

send me a gmail invitation pl

Ngoc Thanh

09/12/2006 05:39 am

Can you give me an invite? Thanhk you very much

Dan Fradley

09/22/2006 01:31 pm

Can u give me an invite, p-p-p-pleeeease !?


09/22/2006 08:30 pm

please send me a gmail invite

Peter Smith

09/25/2006 09:22 pm

plz send me one i want to give some to ppl Thanks


09/29/2006 11:08 pm

i would like a g-mail account if there are any left

Yazan Saleh

10/01/2006 12:29 am

please send me a gmail invitation thank you very much for your support


10/01/2006 03:01 am

I've been using Gmail and thought you might like to try it out. Here's an invitation to create an account.


10/01/2006 04:21 am

if you still have any invites I would really appreciate one! thx


10/13/2006 12:40 pm

Any Gmail left?


10/24/2006 04:56 pm

hi please send me invitation for gmail account


11/17/2006 04:45 pm

Hey Barry, Need a gmail account bad lol names Samuel Johnson and my emails would be happy if u could hook me up thx dude

karan jagga

01/19/2007 03:45 pm

hi man please send me an invitation


01/26/2007 03:55 am

I would like to receive a Gmail invite


02/06/2007 09:26 am

hello can you please send me an invitation for gmail my email addres is marceliuv@yahoo.frthank you.


08/20/2010 06:17 am

Hopefully you have invites left over and you can send me one as well.

Youssef Hana

11/20/2012 07:31 pm

I need an account. Please help me out!

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