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Well truth be told, you can't obtain a PR10 for real. I came across a site yesterday from SEOchat that was claiming to have a PR10 on one of its pages. Interesting right? Actually more funny than anything, and its interesting to see such a public display of it. This is not an new redirect trick honestly. This was pretty used for a while with site buyers who bought and sold websites. Know a few people that fell prey to this.

Search Engine Roundtable at PR 10

Apparently there are more ways to get a PR10 then using a silly redirect. Any one care to comment? A group called the Dark SEO team apparently is using the redirect and other methods to test google for various ways to hack it as I gather. Teams have been assigned a subdomain in order to test various problems. The website is actually a blog by search engine hackers, with some pretty good posts. Now I have been cruising the site in the last hour (its in FRENCH) and for the most part the site is pretty harmless. I couldn't find anything exposing any "dark" SEO secrets.

I do hope they post more up on the testing of penalizations in Google. One area myself I like to study. They also have a very neat little google tool that you should check out. You can search google using the daterange tool for pages that have been spidered say in the last several days. There may be other options for the tool but didn't look to much into it.

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Dark Seo Team

01/08/2005 03:12 am

Hi, first thanks to talk about our work here. We are impressed to be publish here :-) We have begin team work the November, 1st, maybe that explains the little content on our sites now. We have a lot of seo projects, some very serious, anothers more funny and some very stupid ;) Give us some time to setup all this projets seo friendly. Our goal is to learn more than public seo knowledge, our team is made up of good and curious french seo. This team is private because we want to test all that make our brain smokes too much and avoid the phenomena of criticism on the forums. We will soon publish the code of this proof of concept to private seo community. I will give you private links to get it, send mail to me if you are interested. This bug must be public but not the source code we think. But if you think different, feel free to contact us and explain to : vuln darkseoteam com. We think this 'bug' can be use for good and bad things, and we'll try each other. We will give our final conclusions on our weblog soon. Check the rss feed.


01/08/2005 06:04 am

Oh come on people this is so easy to do. Google ranks pages with 301 redirect as the destination page's rank. They simply did a cloaking redirect back to a Google page rank 10 page, waited a month or so for an indexing and presto. When the bot visits - it gets the PR10 page as a 301 redirect so the page has a PR10. When a human visits - they are not redirected so you see the regular page. The dead give away is the Google directory link, that URL of course is NOT in the directory. This technique is USELESS for real search engine results because their page will never appear in the Google index. Try searching for any phrase on that page and you will not find it in Google. It's also a great way to get yourself permanently banned from Google, including your general server IP (if you virtual host) and nameservers. Highly NOT recommended. ps. you see this technique once in awhile on domains being sold on ebay "with pagerank"


01/08/2005 01:29 pm

-lc- You might be right on the fact that this kind of pr10, if got with a cloaking redirect back to a pr10 page, is useless. But let's see if this is really the way the Darkseoteam proceeded. They might be using a different technique. If they used a cloaking redirect back to a pr10 page, I can agree that their PR10 page will probably not get any benefits out of it. But does anyone know what it makes on the other pages of their domain? I am not talking here about the effect of backlinks in this page, but is it totally nonsense to think that google could take into account a criteria like: "oh, this domain has a pr10 page, so it is an authority" and as a consequence give a boost to the ranking (not the pagerank) of the other pages of this domain in its SERPs?


01/08/2005 06:44 pm

Darkseoteam has said on their forum that it is a redirect - and it's also OBVIOUS its a redirect if you have ever experimented with this technique (or even done it accidentally). Look at the Google Toolbar PR reply for the PR10 page query: "Rank_1:2:10 FVN_1:54:Top/Computers/Internet/Searching/Search_Engines/Google" See the DMOZ category? That was their mistake. If they had used a PR10 site that wasn't in DMOZ (but I doubt there are any) this would not be so obvious. They are simply doing a clock redirect to Google, and Google is dumb enough to rank it. It's just exploting a flaw in how Google treats redirects - if anything, hopefully this will force Google to handle offsite (off domain) redirects differently and reduce SERP spam.


04/06/2010 05:28 am

Is there any real PR10 website who's redirect to your website. Please answer some one. Thanks

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