Google Adsense Text or Image Ads - Which Makes More Money

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There was a very good question proposed by a member over at Digitalpoint forum. He asked about which Adsense ads made more money, the text or image ads? Its one that I think has already been considered but not fully investigated enough yet, due to the fact that images ads are still a bit new. You also only have selected sizes for images ads such as: Leaderboard (728 x 90), Banner (468 x 60), Skyscraper (120x600), and Medium Rectangle (300 x 250). Additionally Image Ads come and go. Some in the thread mentioned that the more broad use of keywords you have on the page, the more likely a broad matched Image Ad will show up eventually.

I am thinking based on observations of my own that possible Image Ads do in fact bring better revenue to publishers of adsense. They cost more from what I can tell, they appear to a wider audience, they are more visual, attract select groups, and Google can ultimately target this ads at particular audiences and sites, giving them the ability to fine tune the ad network, resulting in higher CTR's and more money for adsense publishers. But thats just a theory.

Check out the thread over at Digitalpoint: Image Ads vs. Text Ads

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Jake Lee

08/13/2007 08:04 pm

I have been wondering about this for a while. I also think image ads do better; both newbies and adsense publishers are likely to click on image ads.


10/31/2007 08:26 pm

I think it text ads bring in more money on a per click revenue. In my site the text ads are more relevant and the ads are more diverse where more big businesses compete with.

No Name

02/19/2009 12:13 pm

IMO, image ads pay higher considering the fact that it takes up the whole ad space. But I prefer Text ads because most of the time image ads shows ads that are irrelevant to my topic. One thing I am sure of is that Link Ads pay the lowest.

Yash Hooda

04/09/2011 02:29 pm

hello everyone, i think text ads better then image or video ads, Most of the websites state that only publish text ads. Earning is better with text ads only. However, I tried and the earning is lower than both text and images ads. So I stay with the default setting since then. Never stop trying and testing Google AdSense until you get the best earning for you. Google AdSense does not perform the same on every website. Therefore, you need to find out the one that match your website. From ad formats, colours, to ad placements… Try out everything to get higher CTR and eCPM to maximize your Google AdSense earning. Thanx

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