What Really Happened To GoogleRankings.com?

Jan 11, 2004 • 6:41 pm | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Search Engine Optimization Tools

I did a little poking around (hey, I'm a techie, that's what I like to do), and decided to look at why googlerankings.com is "under construction" all of a sudden (for about 3 weeks now) with their rank checking service.

Well, it appears they aren't so much "under construction", as they are simply blocked by Google. The interesting thing about that, is they claim to have been given permission to do it from Google as stated here. Personally, I always thought it was strange that Google gave them permission, while pretty much denying everyone else in the world.

Anyway, if you still want to use Google Rankings, you can do so by clicking here, but you will notice it kicks back the error it gets from Google (HTTP 403 Forbidden Access). Or at least it does until they look at their referrers and decide to not let people follow this link. :)

The lesson? If you want to check your rankings in Google, don't go around Google's terms of service. There are ways to legitimately check your rankings in Google, since Google gave developers access to the Google API. Two such services are the one we built, and SEO Count.

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07/14/2006 05:03 am

Jump to 2006 and there now up and running again. hummmm

Bill ySavage

12/01/2007 12:53 am

O.K. I'm pissed. I just signed up with Stores Online to create a web page. I was doing a site comparison search on their ALEXA.COM site that they have you use and had no luck. Then I contact Customer Support and they tell me that I can use googlerankings.com and now I find out that I have to get (SOAP API Key) and that the site is NOT related to google, they are no longer issuing the Keys and to try SEO COUNT which is in the same boat......WTF! Please get back to me at my email address a.s.a.p. I don't want to go any further if it's gonna be a waste of my time.

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