What Happened In Search Marketing in 2005?

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Time goes by so fast sometimes its hard to get a handle on just what happened over the last 10 months. A member on Highrankings Forum has been away from SEO for sometime and is just getting back into the industry and wants to know what he missed in 2005. A lot of the members come to together to outline the year in review. Here is what they came up with that I have compiled and add too. Please feel free to comment and add to the list.

  • Year of the Google
  • Year of the Map
  • Duplicate content penalities gets a very close look from SEO's
  • Reciprocal links even less useful
  • Page rank even less important but still a mystery for some
  • Text links brokers and link builders either change or die with the times
  • Even more variation in "what works" across different topic areas
  • Even more ad money flowing into Adsense away from traditional advertising
  • Google ranking algorithm updates eliminates more crud (scrapers suffer this year)
  • Comment spam gets some notice and a group effort to erradicate
  • Search engine spammers take to the streets and forums
  • usual complaints about good content penalized and bad content rewarded
  • However, good content continues to become a staple and reason for high rankings.
  • Yahoo! begins to become a force in search.
  • MSN Search debuts.
  • Google continues an aging Delay that keeps new sites from being able to rank.
  • Google begins starts to get serious about eliminating scraper sites/directories
  • Search Engine Patents!
  • Continual search engine updates, which are not so bad this year until Jaggar.
  • A year ago, few people disliked Google. That has changed this year.
  • Overall tilt towards paying more for better-qualified AdSense traffic
  • General interest in search marketing continues to rise
  • Patience and understanding from SEO clients is on a decline

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