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I enjoy surfing High Rankings from time to time as they do have some good threads going on often. In this case there is a particular thread where some of the members are deciphering, picking apart, learning from some answers that Matt Cutts gave at the recent SES conference in San Jose. I saw him often at the conference and it was usually with a large group of people surrounding him looking for nuggets of Google knowledge they could deploy.

In this case, the member Laura is asking about the following response on Nodes (or websites):

"In graph theory, a clique in every node in the graph is very unnatural. So don’t link to every single node in your network of sites; it’ll get flagged."
Basically this means don't link to every page in your network from your other sites. M. Martinez concludes saying that "A clique would be more like a link circle, in which every page links to every other page, rather than every page simply linking to all the home pages." The advice follows something I started doing a couple years back in order to create unique network linking diagrams, enabling owners of site networks not to get in trouble by linking all there sites together in a way that Google would catch on to and consequently penalize. The technique also works in the reverse for correcting cross linking penalities.

Stephen Spencer who originally blog on the Matt Cutts Q&A explains further into Graph Theory, and provides an example here where you can see about what a "clique" is and how "unnatural" they can be when applied to linking.

There is also some answers about parameters in urls. Such that Matt Cutts says "For dynamic sites, you’re very safe if you have fewer than 2 parameters; keep the values of those parameters to fewer than 5 digits, and don’t name a parameter “id”. Googlebot sometimes tries variations of URLs by dropping parameters, but we only do that deep level analysis on big, quality sites." This is more understandable. Stephan has a nice write up about this on his website Parameters and Dynamic Sites.

For continued discussion visit High Rankings - Deciphering Matt Cutts

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