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If you're about to take on a prospective SEO client and they start taking the initiative on their search engine optimization (in ways you hadn't even thought of), should you proceed with the client -- especially if you're going to disagree with them (since their initial implementation was probably a measure to cut costs and keep their spend down?)

Probably not. But before you lose the client, make sure to educate them. Show them why you are doing something. Eventually, both you and the client may have a good relationship as goals and objectives are clearly defined.

What about an SEO client whose site is not accessible for you to actually perform the SEO? The other option may be link building, but on-page SEO is still very important. If you can't do that, try creating "microsites" that you actually can SEO.

What would you do?

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Aleksandar Ratkovic

01/02/2009 03:48 pm

Interesting though, but I doubt that kind of client would allow making microsites, too.


01/02/2009 05:12 pm

Hey Tamar - looks like the link is actually to High Rankings Forums, not Cre8asite. :)


01/04/2009 05:26 pm

Having fought this battle for 10+ years, I can tell ya: Don't take the gig. Unless the client and developer are both super-enthusiastic the day you start, it's hopeless.

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