How Do You Spot Multiple Keywords Across Ad Groups in Google AdWords?

Nov 7, 2008 • 9:06 am | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under Google AdWords

Say you imported hundreds or thousands of keywords into your Google AdWords account. Chances are if you are working with high volume, you may have duplicated your keywords across ad groups. How do you find these and address them?

There are two ways suggested:

First, you can mouseover the keyword and wait for the little "spy glass" which will show you if another ad shows up for that keyword.

Second, you can perform a search. If the keyword is duplicated, all instances will be returned.

These should come in handy, though I actually prefer the first suggestion that was not suggested by a Google rep. (Speaking of which, this comes from a new-style Google Groups thread and it's almost impossible to distinguish Google employees from regular forum participants. Can Google bring back the blue "G," please, to denote authority?)

Forum discussion continues at Google Groups.

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11/07/2008 02:47 pm

Adwords Editor has a "find duplicate keywords" function that works very well.

Justin Seibert

11/10/2008 02:37 pm

Mel66 is right - the keyword duplicate tool is the easiest way. It's not in the tools section of the AdWords interface anymore (not sure why), but it's still in Editor as the first choice under Tools.


11/10/2008 08:55 pm

The above are right. I find it works very well


11/13/2008 09:11 am

Checkout the keyword grouper its somewhat related

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