How Do Big Brands Do Link Building?

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The small folk wonder how the bigger brands succeed at their link building efforts. In a big corporation, it would take jumping through a lot of hoops to get the correct managers to sign off on link building approval, especially as they may want to verify that every site that they link build upon is kosher.

But do big brands really do link building? Not so much. They are already known so well within the sphere that their links usually come naturally. However, if they really wanted to engage in building other links, it's suggested that they participate in some viral marketing campaigns and linkbait.

If, though, you wanted to look at the effectiveness of existing inbound links, you can contact webmasters and have them point their links to the best possible spots. Some may honor such a request.

Once you're that big, you may not have to worry about "link building," per se, but other strategies, according to nethy:

I suppose you could say that past a certain point its more a matter of being aware of links, how they work & the value they do or do not bring. When opportunities come up, maximise them.

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07/09/2008 08:49 pm

Big or small, sites need good, authoritative and relevant links - doesn't matter who you are, especially to those deeper pages.

No Name

07/09/2008 10:46 pm

If they're "already known so well within the sphere that their links usually come naturally" then I know of a lot of big brands that are wasting a lot of big $'s when they apparently don't need to !!! :-)

Wil Reynolds

07/10/2008 03:09 am

When a top brand is getting outranked in a highly commodotized business, this could be a worthwhile exercise as even moving from 7 or 8 to 2 or 3 could be huge in term sof conversions for top terms. The reason why it should be a commoditized product is that for more complex purchases people will dig much deeper through most of the full first page of listings.

Justin Seibert

07/10/2008 12:57 pm

I think one of the things you're seeing now is that they can provide embeddable content that will automatically deep link to them. Any sized site can do this, too; it's just a big edge when everyone knows who you are and you already have advocates.

Seth Dotterer

07/10/2008 02:55 pm

Great post, Tamar. While the smaller companies are most likely link building for authority - large companies have to worry about building for structure. We have many customers who have hundreds of thousands of links at their home page, but will have zero pointing at their most important category pages. While they will consistently rank well for whatever they 'put' on their homepage - they have many diverse business sections which are competing with keyword-in-the-url domains..


07/13/2008 04:10 am

The problem with bigger branded companies is that many of them aren't getting the correct link text in their back links. For instance and maybe a bad example, but they are probably getting a lot of links with the word Nike as the link... but they may not be getting enough links that say Shoes or Sneaker in it.

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