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Mar 21, 2008 • 10:34 am | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under Search Engine Optimization Tools

We have Google's Blog Search and Technorati for blog search, but has anyone found a reputable forum search engine? Enter Twing.

Twing allows you to search and discover forum discussion. We do that here but this is something different. Find content from long ago and use the tag cloud to get additional inspiration.

Here's a screenshot of the system in action.

Twing Forum Search

Sort you results by relevance and date and then even search forums with the associated keywords.

Looks pretty cool. If you're a forum junkie, this search engine looks very cool.

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Michael Martinez

03/21/2008 06:01 pm

If Twing relies on RSS feeds like the other services it may not be any better at indexing forums than the others. I wish them luck.


03/24/2008 01:55 am

Hi, Actually, Twing doesn't rely merely on feeds, (be they RSS, atom or otherwise). We've got our own crawler technology that we actually think of less as a standard crawler and more as a "content connector." This tool understands the structure of forums and this in turn allows us to index individual forum elements. So we can surface relevant content in forums more effectively than a generalized search engine. Scott Germaise Director, Product Management


03/24/2008 07:34 pm

Very cool! Any tips on how to get my communities indexed?


03/25/2008 03:15 pm

Sure, you can just go to: and select the Submit link. Here you can submit your forums for scheduling. Please note that we're still working on support for various formats and right now are building out for the top most popular ones. If your stuff is outside that range, it may take a couple months for us to get to it. Thanks, Scott

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