How Much Search Traffic Do You Get from Google?

Nov 19, 2007 • 9:31 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Other Google Topics

There's a poll going on at DigitalPoint Forums to discern how much search traffic comes to a variety of sites versus other search engines. And surprisingly, Google has come out the victor, claiming the majority of the vote: 90% of search traffic comes from Google (14 votes). In second place, 50-80% of search traffic has only garnered 7 votes.

Why is this happening? Surprisingly, it isn't what you think. Sure, Google has the market share, but a forum member suggests that there's more to it:

This seems to be down to the fact that Yahoo and MSN are just not very good at keeping out poor sites - Yahoo and MSN results are much easier to manipulate if you follow a particular formula - and MSN and Yahoo results are full of such sites, blocking genuine sites from appearing higher up in the results.

Interesting thought. Perhaps it's also very true.

Sure, some siteowners see a good amount of traffic from the other search engines, but it's quite revealing that most of them are finding the majority of the traffic coming from Google.

Forum discussion continues at DigitalPoint Forums.

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Sam I Am

11/19/2007 07:31 pm

I'd say it's far more likely exactly the opposite. Google is very good at getting results in quickly yet to rank well in Yahoo and MSN your entire domain becomes more important. Things like brand, how long you've been around, variety of quality back links etc. A lot of people hanging out on forums and posting just don't have that kind of site.


01/09/2009 09:51 pm

You know it all depends, I know some that don't even seo because there ticket price is so high they use ppc. I know some that just use flyers. Thing is the more you advertise somewhere else the less the percentage is on search engines. Now if you dont advertise and just use seo then yes it will be 100 percent.

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