Webmasters Report October 2007 Google SERP Changes

Oct 2, 2007 • 9:05 am | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under Google PageRank & Algorithm Updates

Every month, WebmasterWorld members touch upon new trends that they notice in the Google SERPs. We haven't covered this on Search Engine Roundtable yet before, but if trend analysis is something of interest to you, we may begin to do so (let us know via the comments).

WebmasterWorld members are reporting some October changes, particularly relating to the SERPs on the following Google datacenter IPs:


The response regarding these new SERPs are mixed. Some people are seeing better content, less supplemental results and scraped sites, and more "old fashion content." Others, however, feel that their sites are the ones that are being dropped out of the index in lieu of these new scraper sites. It still appears to be difficult to determine who is the authority site when it comes to Google's preference of the original content.

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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Brian Mark

10/02/2007 03:12 pm

I love algo chasing posts. I don't think that's a good long term strategy, but it's fun to see what's being targeted for extermination this time and can give a glimpse of what's around the corner.


10/02/2007 03:23 pm

Interesting. However, for the keywords I tried out, the listings didn't change (wanted to for some of them, lol, but didn't)


10/04/2007 08:49 am

Definitly a great idea!

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