DMOZ Home Page Disappears from Google

Sep 24, 2007 • 9:02 am | comments (5) by twitter | Filed Under Open Directory Project (DMOZ)

Sphinn users report that the DMOZ homepage is missing from the Google results. While you can still do a search and find a few million results, searching for "dmoz" alone won't bring up the homepage.

A screenshot, taken by Barry on Search Engine Land, is below:

dmoz missing from google

Does this have anything to do with Search Engine Land's report of the Google Directory Ban of September 2007? Danny Sullivan wonders if that's the case.

Truthfully, I wonder if it has anything to do with DMOZ's apparent corruption.

Discussion continues on Sphinn.

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09/24/2007 05:50 pm

I can't believe people are still rewarding Schoemaker's link bait, despite his refusal to document any aspect of his (apparently completely false) claims about DMOZ.


09/24/2007 09:10 pm

Dmoz has become a closed organization with many problems. Users are being banned with no explanation and sites are disappearing for no reason. My frustration with them is at an all time high.


09/25/2007 12:43 am

DMoz will throw you of if your site is under construction or having partial data or which fails their terms. Check whether those sites satisfies their terms and conditions. But Dmoz seems to be overdoing this.


09/25/2007 09:32 am - MattCutts wrote" "Hey all, I dug into this a little bit with the help of a couple crawl folks. It looks like when Googlebot tried to fetch, we got a 301 redirect back to . It looks like that self-loop has been going on for several days. We were last able to fetch the root page successfully on Sept. 10th, but from that point on DMOZ was returning these 301-to-itself pages, and after a few days Googlebot gave up on trying to fetch the url. It looks like the rest of the site is fine, so I suspect that if DMOZ gets 301/redirects for their root page sorted out on their webserver, we'll recrawl and index the page pretty quickly. DLPerry, keep the faith. If you read back over the comments, several people (g1smd, jdevalk) suggested reasonable explanations instead of going right to "ZOMG! Google hatez da Moz!?!" :)"


09/26/2007 10:58 am

I would blame that on the existance of "" and "" with exactly the mirror of it and having the PR..guess google has taken a note on this :)

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