How Many Words Do Content Creators Write Daily?

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What began as a thread at WebmasterWorld on Google AdSense turned out to be applicable to all different areas of content creation.

The question posed is as follows:

The best AdSense sites, and those that usually make best money, are those that rely on user created content. But still there are many successful AdSense web sites whose content is written entirely by their creators.

For those who are creating content rich web sites, how many words per day in average can you produce?

This is a great question. I start to think about Jennifer Laycock, since I asked her in San Jose about how she's writing so much in so little time. People do exceed expectations, after all.

Food for thought: write a bit a day. The more you write, the better you get.

Great writers both highbrow (Graham Greene) and lowbrow (Stephen King) recommend a constant production rate of at least 1000 words a day. Writing is a bit like sport, in that (a) it requires fitness obtained through daily practice, and (b) the more you do, the better you get.

It seems that most content providers will write between 500-2000 words a day from the discussion.

But then there are others who take a creative spin:

I make pictures

picture = 1,000 words


(That made me smile too.)

Some people who don't write on a daily basis will still try to pump out new content ever few days which comes out much less than 500 words per day. Nothing wrong with that!

I wonder how many words I write per day. Oh, and Barry too. :)

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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09/21/2007 03:45 pm

I've been thinking about this recently, especially since trying to start a book with a deadline of at least 1000 words per day :-o So I've been using this little tool:


09/22/2007 01:51 am

A quick analysis of shows Michael sometimes writes 2x this amount.

No Name

09/23/2007 02:40 pm

I write about 500-1000 words a day and i guess it is our job to keep writing as SEO professionals and people in the internet marketing domains.

Michael Martinez

09/24/2007 08:27 pm

We track words-per-day as part of a larger statistical analysis of copywriter production but in my opinion (and what I stress with my copywriting staff) indexable-pages-per-day is a much more useful metric.

Robertkelly Moore

01/21/2011 01:47 pm

Oh! It's great information about content creation.

Forrest Gump

05/07/2012 04:29 am

I think the writter use a little world to optimal that is really good. However, in some cases u don't need to do. Thanks for your post!!

Martin Nicholson

05/29/2013 04:32 am

Great post! - I think knowing how much words other content writers serves as a good reference point for other writers like myself. Taking a quick analysis, I write between 2 and 3 times this amount. That's my two cents for what its worth.

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