Yahoo! Opens Mash Social Networking Platform

Sep 18, 2007 • 8:11 am | comments (5) by twitter | Filed Under Other Yahoo Topics

Yahoo has released Yahoo! Mash in what appears to be the closest thing to a Facebook-MySpace clone that I've seen coming from Yahoo. Initial impressions seem to indicate that it's not much different than Facebook at all and many individuals are happier using the older social network.

On WebmasterWorld, moderator martinibuster points out from a NY Times blog that the differentiating feature of Yahoo! Mash is that profiles can be edited by multiple users.

The site, which began an invitation only preview Friday, is quite an homage to Facebook, but it adds one significant new wrinkle: users can edit each other’s profiles, redecorating, changing information, and adding features. Think the Wikipedia version of a social network.

Of course, not all users are enthusiastic about this feature. Would you want to find your profile altered in a bad way by friends (or enemies?) I wouldn't think so. I do have a Mash Pet on my profile though, and I see that my friends are taking good care of him. (Please continue to do so.)

But others think that this is a plus, because you'll only be adding true friends, not people who would blatantly edit your profile. Also, some elements of other users' profiles cannot be altered (I tried. No luck).

For those who don't have access yet, here's a preview of my profile.

My Yahoo! Mash Profile

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld, DigitalPoint Forums, and Cre8asite forums.

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David Saunders

09/18/2007 01:26 pm

Anyone got an invite????

Lee H

09/18/2007 01:49 pm

What is this fascination with customizing profile pages so they end up looking like a 2 year olds finger painting? I'll stick with properly designed sites like Badoo or Facebook where the profiles are actually readable and some juvenile prankster can't screw with my page. Lee


09/18/2007 02:12 pm

give me an invite and maybe I can get to know the site before I can comment???


09/18/2007 03:57 pm

Hi Tamar, Can I get an invite to check it out? Thanks for the post!

No Name

11/18/2007 04:41 pm

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