Google Webmaster Tools Updates Interface

Sep 14, 2007 • 12:33 pm | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Google Topics

A great tool for webmasters just got better. Google released early this morning an updated look for Google Webmaster Central. They have added some new features and better organized some previous sections. Members on WMW are discussing the new changes and how they feel about the redesign. Mostly the feedback is all positive and find the interface much easier to use.

New for WMT seems to have added Subscriber Stats, adding the ability for webmasters to track the number of people who visit their feeds via Google Reader, iGoogle, or Orkut. One member on WMW noticed the PR distribution link has been removed. Overall this seems to just be an interface update with a better design, nav improvements, and sleek spiffy new buttons.

One member jokes: "A great tool to see what has been happening on your site two to four weeks ago."

Regardless this is an excellent free tool that I think everyone will agree is very useful to SEO's and webmasters alike.

Check out Webmaster Tools. Continued forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Michael Martinez

09/14/2007 05:25 pm

It would take them all of 5 minutes at the most to put a login link on that main page. You, I, and many other people link to it all the time. Why do we link to a page that forces people to leave just so they can log in? Googlers -- you got your usability ears on this morning?

Ben Pfeiffer

09/14/2007 05:46 pm

Mike, I'll agree with you on this one. I keep wishing they would put a login on that main page. It would make it much easier.

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