Is There Any Benefit to Google Checkout Badges?

Apr 2, 2007 • 7:01 am | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under Other Google Topics

A Search Engine Watch forums thread asks whether there is any benefit to using Google Checkout Badges (i.e. badge_pill_white.gif.

He writes:

I signed up and put Google checkout badges on my ppc ads recently. I can't yet tell if they are helping or hurting however. My click through rate is up, but I made some ad changes at the same time.

My suspicion is that people are clicking on them because they are new and want to find out what the program is about. So I'm worried that I'm paying for Google to advertise their service.

Our very own Barry reponds with his own experience:

I reviewed one quick thing with a client that added this feature recently.

It does not show a significant increase in conversions.

However, I do see an increase in click-throughs from the ad to the site since adding the Google Checkout icon to the AdWords listings.

So more exposure but same conversion rates.

Another member says:

I think some are clicking because they wonder what Google checkout is. But I also think some of those clicks are offset by the fact that I'm getting clicks from lower positions. Your ads with Google badges in position 5-8 stands out nearly as much as the ones in position 2-4. That's my humble opinion.

So on the backside, I'm able to reduce some of my bids while getting the same clickthrough rates as before. So I think it equals out. I think I'm getting more clicks from the curious, but they cost me less overall. I don't have a good handle on it yet. Will keep everyone informed.

What behavior do you see? Contribute to the thread at Search Engine Watch Forums.

Added by Barry: I would love to see feedback on these Google Checkout icons and how they have helped or not helped increase sales and traffic. Please comment or join the thread.

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Jeremy Luebke

04/02/2007 02:44 pm

Just by adding the icons to the PPC ads, I did not see conversions rates go up, but still, increased traffic with the same conversion rates equals more sales. I did see an increase in conversion rates when I combined the PPC ad icon with promoting heavily the $10 coupon Google was offering. But I would expect to see the same increase anytime I put up such a coupon.

Gerry Grant

04/02/2007 03:57 pm

I clicked on one to see what it was. The page I landed on did not explain what to do to use it. Useless traffic unless they have a call to action.

jeremy mayes

04/03/2007 02:12 pm

When the Google checkout badge is diaplyed the only winner is Google in my opinion.


12/09/2009 06:38 pm

I have just started using Google Adwords for the 1st time, I will have to try using the Google Checkout Badge. Thanks.

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