New Google UI Test: Bottom Page Related Searches

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There is a thread at SEORefugee discussing a new Google UI test for related searches that are located at the bottom of the page. I personally like the look of the new test, but unfortunately can't duplicate the same thing in my searches. The related searches were found by member Skitzzo doing a Google search for baseball history. A screenshot was posted and looks like: relatedsearch2.jpg

Continued discussion at SEO Refugee

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01/10/2007 03:09 pm

I saw it a week or two ago. Doesn't make much sense to have it on bottom of page as the searcher may lose time going through results that are untargeted. I would put it on top of page or on side of page, definitely not the bottom.


01/10/2007 06:08 pm

Actually, I disagree with the previous comment. It makes sense to have spelling corrections/suggestions at the top of the page, where Google is pretty sure you've fat-fingered your input and probably aren't going to get what you're looking for. On the other hand, offering suggestions for related or alternative search terms is only useful *after* you've read through the first 10 or so results and realized you're not quite getting what you're looking for (or, on the flip side, are in fact getting *exactly* what you're looking for, and don't need Google's -- in this case, wrong -- suggestions). So, in short, I think it's a good place for it, especially when they're just testing it out.


01/11/2007 08:22 am

Well said Blair, couldn't have said it better myself :)

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