GoogleGuy's site may be having canonical URL problems

Oct 4, 2005 • 9:39 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Other Google Topics

The way that Google handles canonization has, frankly, angered some in the SEO community for quite some time. I guess we can call it dramatic irony that GoogleGuy's own blog seems to be having some canonical issues.

From a WebmasterWorld supporters thread:

To me it definetly looks like Matts site is on the verge of a Canonical url problem.

Ok - it depends on what datacenter you are accessing but if you do a search and a search Google now has these listed as seperate pages. Also on some DCs the search is now url only......

Also do a -www for Matts site.

We'll all have a good laugh if it gets hijacked. Meanwhile, I can't say this is a bad thing, especially if it prods Google to put more resources into solving this issue once and for all.

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Natasha Robinson

10/04/2005 02:35 pm

Good to see you here Andy... though I'm starting to think you've been cloned - since you're everywhere - lol You know, sometimes I wish that threads like the one above could be posted in a "Place Your Bets, Let's See if Search Engine's Figure This Out On Their Own" private forum. Natasha "that Girl From Marketing" Robinson

Andy H

10/04/2005 03:46 pm

>though I'm starting to think you've been cloned - since you're everywhere - lol Cloned? I wish!! Then I could make 100 web sites per day, rather than per year!

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