PageRank Update: Update Danny

Jul 14, 2005 • 7:53 pm | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under Google PageRank & Algorithm Updates

It's fun to see all the webmasters and SEO folk whipped into a frenzy whenever a PageRank update happens...

...and one has just started (showing updates on 4 data centers right now).

I'm sure the forums will fill up with threads about it, and these are the ones I could find so far: Digital Point SEO Chat

Update: from rustybrick: I posted a thread at SEW forums and decided to call it PageRank Update Underway: Update Danny just for fun.

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patrick deese

07/15/2005 04:06 pm

I though the whole idea of naming the updates was to keep track of them instead of saying update #1, #2, they are given names just like hurricanes. I don't think a page rank update counts as a named update though.

Natasha Robinson

07/15/2005 04:26 pm

I think people are missing the joke.... Or am I just seeing a joke where others don't? Natasha "That Girl From Marketing" Robinson

Barry Schwartz

07/15/2005 04:32 pm

Natasha you got it.

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