New Free Tools: Backlink Anchor Text Checker & Adsense Revenue Checker

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I love free SEO tools, most often times the ones that actually do something for you. I came across some tools today, that I thought I would mention to help you in your SEO efforts and in determining the performance of your Adsense campaigns. Both tools were made for public use, so don't worry you don't have to give up a dime for them. However I do imagine the creators wouldn't mind some feedback or "links" for their use. Liked them? Hated them? Let us know in the comments.

Yahoo Backlink Anchor Text Checker

A member on SEOchat today released a tool that checks the backlinks of a site in Yahoo and reports back on the anchor text used in each of the links. Not only is this good for looking at your own backlinks, but even better when it comes to watching what you competition is up too. Stick in a site you are interested to learn about and find what their backlinks say. You might be surprised at the result. Initially this tool performed well after a few tests, but started to lag after a couple pages of data. Check it out at: Yahoo Backlink Anchor Text Checker - Dicussion at SEOchat

Revenue Checker for Adsense

This is a handy tool, do those that want to passively monitor their Adsense campaigns. I haven't downloaded it myself yet, but its seems to getting some positive feedback from members in the major forums. Screen shots look great, and this tool pass over the username and password from Google to the tool to provide the nifty charts and graphs. Concerned about security of your password, I was, so I checked into it. Apparently in the most recent update of this tool the security loophole as reported on WMW has been fixed, so its now fit for public use. About the tool from their website:

Revenue Checker is allowing Google AdSense publishers to check their AdSense revenue and detailed statistics in either specific time intervals or manually with single click option. Revenue Checker creates numeric, as well as graphic output to all statistics, including channels.
Check out the tool at the website: Adsense Revenue Checker - Dicussion at SEOchat - DigitalPoint - WebmasterWorld

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Dave Collins

04/05/2005 08:48 am

Thanks for the write up, but just so you know, Revenue Checker appears to be Shareware. Priced at $39.99 right now.


04/05/2005 01:21 pm

I tested it and actually purchased two or three weeks ago - very cool stuff, much more fun than actually loginning into AdSense account. The tool pop-ups a little MSN type blurb in the right bottom corner with your revenue for today, CPC, CPR and other info... has extensive analyses information and graphs. BTW, I noticed - this tool chilled me out a little on checking my earning every so often ;) I guess because with this little thing I feel like I'm in control :)lol Try it out Barry - there is a tryal period for it.

Ben Pfeiffer

04/05/2005 07:48 pm

Oops, didn't check to see if the Revenue Checker included a fee. I posted the above, so I will be sure to include a note.


04/06/2005 10:58 am

Thought I should chip in. I have also released a tool to check backlinks in yahoo, apart from anchor text, it shows, ip number of on page links, dmoz stats and other data about a link. The tool is in flash and has been blogged about by Aaron Wall of

Zhou Yaya

04/01/2013 08:12 am

Now is 2013, and more tools like that have been out, and some of them are free and no limit, like this one :, it is better than yahoo site explorer i think.


06/04/2014 12:07 pm

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