Google Ramping Up Desktop Search Program

Mar 2, 2005 • 10:39 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

Just saw this in a search I did a few minutes ago and thought I would mention it. I am a fan of desktop search, and it appears Google is taking extra steps on the serp pages to further put desktop search on your computer. I only thing I wish Google's desktop search had was the ability to index music (.wav or .mp3 files). If you got someone that gets lost finding something on their computer (maybe you grandmother) try one of the desktop tools available from the following engines. Google - MSN - Ask Jeeves

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N.C. Weber

03/04/2005 03:36 pm

Having reviewed the different destop serch engines available, I found myself drawn to Copernic [] moreso than any of the others. Mostly because it has features that I'm interested in, such as indexing support for Firefox and Thunderbird and indexing of audio and video files (which can be played natively with an embedded Windows Media Player). The fact that it is an open source program doesn't hurt either.

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