Bing Releases Advanced Query Guide: SEOs Take A Look

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Bing has released a section explained their advanced search operators that can be used on Here is a list of those explained operators:

  • altloc:
  • AND
  • contains:
  • define
  • domain:
  • feed:
  • filetype:
  • hasfeed:
  • imagesize:
  • inanchor:
  • inbody:
  • instreamset:
  • intitle:
  • ip:
  • keyword
  • language:
  • literalmeta:
  • loc:
  • location:
  • meta:
  • msite:
  • near:
  • noalter:
  • norelax:
  • NOT
  • OR
  • site:
  • url:
  • -
  • &
  • &&
  • (
  • )
  • :
  • [
  • ]
  • |
  • ||
  • "phrase”

Tedster in a WebmasterWorld thread explains the value of such operators:

Bing just published (and publicized) an extensive list of Advance Operators. What a look into their search technology this offers! For example, here's a description of the advanced operator norelax:

norelax: Only allow search word, phrase or word: in the constraint. Bing implements relaxcount for a 5+ word query by default; that is, the fifth word in a query and subsequent appears do not necessarily appear in results.

Example: cry for you lyrics norelax:September

Remarks The effect of the syntax in this example is to specify that all returned results must contain september. In the absence of the norelax: operator, since there are 5 words in the query, Bing would augment with a relaxcount=+1, that could return documents that do not contain september.

SEOs, enjoy!

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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07/02/2010 02:02 am

inurl: appears to work to, though not documented.

No Name

07/03/2010 12:33 pm

inanchor and intitle and noalter are quite interesting and can very handy. Thanks for posting a link to this Bing resource.

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