Video: Google's Matt Cutts On May Day Update

May 30, 2010 • 2:39 pm (11) | by

I thought my fourth post on the Google May Day update would be it for the month of May, but I was wrong. In my fifth post on May Day in May 2010, Matt Cutts has released a video on what is going on in this "May Day update."

In summary:

  • April 28th - May 3rd is when it happened
  • Algorithmic change
  • Impacts long tail searches more than short tail searches
  • It is "deliberate" and will be sticking around
  • Quality change
  • No relation to Caffeine but Caffeine is "proceeding to pace"
  • No human manipulation
  • This is not temporary
  • If you are impacted, assess your site for quality

Here is the detailed video from Google's Matt Cutts:

Matt also now has his hair back.

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